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Blazing Drums offers

web design & development

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online marketing

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online marketing


So you have a website, but what is the point of it if no one knows about it? How can hundreds of visitors provide no business? Is it the right target audience?


Through a variety of online marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising and Email campaigns, you can generate more traffic to your website that is highly targeted.


search engine optimization (SEO)


So you've heard everyone throw the acronym SEO around but what does it mean to you? Quite simply it means improving the visibility of your website in a search engine's un-paid results. We can help optimize your website for search engines by creating efficient code, effective site content and promoting your website to create quality inbound links.


pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management


Pay-per-click is another way of appearing in search engine results. On any of the popular search engines, you probably notice ads that appear above or to the side of your search results, these are PPC ads. PPC advertising is very effective as you pay only when a person clicks on your ad. Some customers use this as their sole online marketing effort


email campaigns


Our email marketing system is powerful and accountable. It allows us to send out custom designed branded emails for you, and then gathers valuable information about their success and click-through rates.


If you have a list of customers or potential customers, sending out effective emails can quite easily bring in repeat business. We can create eye catching custom designs, build and send out emails to large numbers of users to increase traffic to your website. Email campaigns can include electronic newsletters, invitations, product promotions, etc.


our difference!


We manage your campaign from custom designing your campaign to finally providing you with your marketing campaign statistics. It is as simple as that!


Contact Blazing Drums to design and broadcast your next campaign now.



digital design studio

Full-service design, development and marketing
for clients in Australia, Singapore & Hong Kong

Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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